We had two main goals when developing this site - build something that looked good and build something that would require little to no maintenance. The site was built as a single page, responsive, Bootstrap-3 based layout with a few punches under the hood.

In order to keep maintenance down while still allowing incremental updates, we've roped in the Facebook API to pull in the latest even feeds from their Facebook Page. Latest event feeds are pulled and cached every four hours, allowing us to keep content fresh and the customers updated. What does this mean? Automatic updates with no performance hit. Rad!

Following suit, we opted to pull in their latest images from their Instragram feed. Since we have a low, fixed amount of posts and don't need to worry too much about data storage, we're actually storing these API responses locally in a small JSON file. What does that mean? No database! Quick, droppable and pluggable site with no worries about table lock or over utilizations.

We had two more pieces of less 'dynamic' but more 'complex' content - the menu and their press feed. The menu helps outline their massive selection of specialty rolls, signature dishes, and impressive drink menu. In order to keep this maintainable, we opted to run the JSON route once more and built a small swappable file to house their menu details. Menu changed? No big deal - update the file, swap it out, and you're good to go. No dealing with structure or layout.

As much fun as we had building it, go check out the venue for yourself and see what Bang Bang is all about!