A big part of this was maintaining functionality of the old order management system that assisted with keeping track of truckers, shippers, orders, quotes, and port pricing while adding on the ability to communicate via email directly with customers, automate shipping pricing, and generate email and printable documents.

A quick preview of a 'happy path' to an automated customer quote. The prices are set and modifyable via administrative interfaces and are adaptable to multiple vehicles across different reigons and carrier types.

Customer facing forms run off of an AngularJS application that serves as single page application for managing ordering, tracking, and quote taking. Multiple forms of input and support for quick, automatic quotes via locked-down APIs.

The dashboard and management system itself for this project is MASSIVE. We have many streams of active monitoring and tracking various aspects of the quote and ordering process. 

A quick preview of some of the functionality built in, including a templated email system for quickly generating emails with customer information pulled right from the quote and documents that pre-fill editable information and export seamlessley to PDFs.

On the fly tracking provides at-a-glance details for various quotes.

Behind The Scenes

Authorize.net API (Payment Gateway)
AESDirect WebLink API
FedEX API (Shippment Creation and Label Generation)
SendGrid API (Outgoing Email)
Google Apps (Incoming Email)
MaxMind API (User Location Tracking)
Various "Built" APIs via CURL Jobs
Quickbooks API (Connector)


Scalable Server Setup
LAMP Stack
MariaDB ovevr MySQL
Staggered CRON jobs

Customer Facing

AngularJS Customer Forms
WordPress Main Site
CloudFlare and WP Super-Cache