Big jump here - after months of development, we are finally ready to launch our mostt recent release of our in-house content management system. The system has been updated in a way that will break current systems - this is a COMPLETELY revised system that is NOT directly backwards compatible with prior versions. The update brings a revised featureset and performance updates.

  • System is now based around an object-oriented framework.
  • Revised database structure.
  • Revised menu system allows for the ability to create multi-level menus and provides a cleaner interface for managing your menus.
  • Revised image tools allow easier creation of different image and thumbnail sizes, as well as different controls for resizing and cropping uploaded images. You may now also choose which image size is chosen by default when uploading an image.
  • Reworked content meta system - allows for more expandability and easier access to meta fields.
  • Cleaner administative interface.
  • Member system has been removed in favor of a plugin-based system.
  • Comments system has been removed in favor of a plugin-based system.
  • RSS Feeds have been removed in favor of a plugin-based system.
  • Definers now have a seperate control panel for basic settings, with page contents now editable under the 'Pages' menu.
  • You may now set the amount of posts displayed in definer listings in the definer control panel.
  • URLs are now set in the database for quicker access. Tools are provided to re-create URLs on a site-wide basis.
  • Account-control screens ( login, logout, register, account, etc. ) are now accessible through the administrative interface.
  • Meta fields can be added to control whether or not content is accessible to logged in/out users.
  • Introduced utility classes to help with creating new database objects.
  • Moved categories away from the content_meta table - was bogging down the system when used with larger sites ( > 10,000 content rows ).
  • Added better hooks for managing urlChunks that allow for faster plugin creation.

We currently have four sites running on variations of the 2.0 CMS.